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Ginger is Adopted!

Ginger aka Callie Amine Lee DSC_0011w64Ginger is Adopted! Amine and Lee applied to adopt one of April’s puppies but, unfortunately, all of the puppies were spoken for.  We knew what a great home they would provide any dog with and we were hoping they’d work with us to find that right fit over time.  While we did not plan to have puppies in our rescue, we pulled a dog named Cookie from a shelter who was already pregnant.  We knew right away that Amine and Lee would be just the right home for one of these puppies and contacted them to see if they could wait the few months until the puppies were ready for adoption.

Amine and Lee waited, but were so anxious to meet and adopt their new family member.  After what seemed like an eternity to them, the puppies were finally ready for adoption, and they were, of course, the first adopters to arrive and adopt their little Ginger (now Cassie).  They jumped right in to clean up the puppies for the other applicants and were just a joy to work with from beginning to end in adopting a dog to them.

We are so glad that Ginger is now part of their home and know that she is the star of the show at home.

Ginger is adopted, but we have many wonderful dogs waiting for their forever homes. Take a look at our available dogs here. Take a look at our available dogs here.


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