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Basil wants to go home

Day in and day out Basil waits, hoping that today will be the day someone will come out to meet him.  Sadly, for Basil and most senior dogs, no one ever comes.  Most people are interested in the “younger” dogs.

Dogs like Basil need lifelong human companionship.  Instead, by no fault of his own, Basil was dumped at a shelter after his owners got a divorce and his warm bed and the only place he knew as home, was replaced by a lonely and frightening kennel.

Thankfully, the CA GSP Rescue was there to save him, and appreciate the special qualities that Basil and all of our Senior GSP’s have.

Our Senior dogs are loved and cared for by our volunteers, but it doesn’t replace being part of a permanent family and a place to call home.  GSP’s are known as “Velcro Dogs”, and need to be with people. They make wonderful companions.

We hear so many times “we want a younger dog so that we can have many years with them”.  Did you know that GSP’s are one of the longest living large breeds? Adopting a Senior GSP does not mean their life is over just yet!  Just like people, dogs can get sick at any age, so there are no guarantees. The only guarantee is that by adopting a senior GSP, you will be making a difference for a dog that has been dumped at the shelter because they are deemed “too old”.

Basil is a very special boy.  He has been with us far too long and we would love for him to have a family to spend the holiday’s with.

He is easy going, loves to go for walks, chasing butterflies, he is a great napping buddy and would love nothing more than to sit beside you on the couch and watch football.

We are looking for someone to take Basil home and give him the life he deserves for his remaining years.  If you are interested in meeting him, fostering or adopting him, please complete an application.

Learn more about Basil.

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