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Heidi was adopted to what we thought was her forever home when she was approximately five years old.  With the recent economic times, Heidi came back to us when her family lost their home.

We are a rescue that stands by our dogs, and require they come back to us if an adoption is not right or circumstances change.  We look for adopters that will provide forever homes, but our first interest is for the welfare of the dog.

Unfortunately we do not get a lot of adopters willing to adopt a senior GSP, and we need to work much harder to find a home for a senior dog than we do for a young GSP.

Sadly, Heidi passed away before we were able to find her a forever home at the young age of 11.5, from a tumor that caused internal bleeding and was not operable.  Heidi was healthy while with us, until the day she passed.

As we end this adopt a senior month we would like to honor Heidi.  Heidi was a beautiful petite size GSP that had put on an extra pound or two with age (like many of us have).  She was kind to all people and even liked cats.  She was smart, attentive, and walked beautifully on a leash.  Heidi would have loved to have passed away in the loving care of a home.

Please take a look at our Golden Paw Program, and if you have room in your home and in your heart to adopt or foster one of our seniors, please complete an application.

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