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Golden Paw Program

To celebrate Adopt-A-Senior Month, California GSP Rescue announces the new “Golden Paw” program. This program is designed to give our senior adopters extra support for future veterinary bills. Owning a  senior GSP does not always mean extra veterinary costs – many are happy and healthy well into their teens!  However, this will be some help for costs over and above routine care.

Our “Golden Paw” program works like this:

  1. You adopt one of the dogs we’ve defined as a Golden Paw senior.
  2. Your adoption donation is put into a special account setup specifically for your new dog.
  3. California GSP Rescue “matches” your adoption donation – your dog’s fund now has double the amount you donated to adopt him/her!
  4. Over the life of the dog, as special medical attention is needed for the dog you’ve adopted specifically through this program, you can draw against this account with the amount not to exceed double your original adoption fees.

Exclusions – euthanasia and regular maintenance is excluded from reimbursable expenses from this program.  California GSP Rescue reserves the right to have the adopter get a second opinion from one of our relied upon veterinarians.

If you are unable to adopt a Senior GSP but would like to help, consider making a small donation to help fund the Golden Paw Program. Any amount will help and all donations made to the Golden Paw Program will be kept in a special fund. Funds will be accessed only as needed for those dogs adopted under the Golden Paw Program.

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