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Goliath is Adopted!

We havegoliath_adoption a confession to make. The volunteers here at California GSP Rescue, sometimes get a little behind in their “work”. As dogs come in, some needing special care, and all needing new homes, we sometimes have to pick and choose which tasks get done. Getting a dog started on his new life always gets priority! However, we also love to share those adoption stories – and we know our supporters love to hear them! Even when they are a little late, we want to make sure we let everyone know. So…..Goliath is adopted!

He is now Tucker, and has been with his new mom for many months now. Once discarded by his previous owner, Goliath is cherished and thriving in his new home!

Goliath was picked up from a local shelter, along with his ‘brother’ David, after receiving a call about a pair of German shorthair pointers being dropped off and wandering in a neighborhood. Finding a name for him was easy; he came into the rescue at quite an astounding weight – 135 pounds!
Things would work out well for Mr. Goliath. April had reached out to the rescue in the hopes of adding to her pack and waited patiently for that perfect dog to come along. She made an appointment to come out and meet another dog, but was introduced to Goliath while she was there. She made a follow up appointment to adopt him and we were thrilled for Goliath, now known as Tucker.
April writes “We couldn’t be happier to have Tucker as our newest family member. He and our other dog Lucy are quickly becoming best buds. He enjoys sniffing around the backyard and lounging on the couch and on his fluffy bed. He has a sweet soul and we are thrilled he has found his forever home with us. Thank you GSP Rescue for all that you do and helping us find our boy.”
NO, Thank you April, for providing a forever family for one of our boys!!


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