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Gracie is Adopted!

Gracie Gary Skye DSC_4412w64Skye and Gary were considering contacting us to adopt a companion for their male GSP.  Sadly out of the blue, he became sick, and was diagnosed with cancer and passed away shortly after.  They rescued their GSP, after he was abandoned in the woods, loved him and made him a treasured member of their family.  As you can imagine, losing him broke their hearts.  They wanted to wait a while, but the house seemed so empty, so they reached out to us to rescue another.

Skye and Gary were not looking for a puppy, but for an adult or senior GSP they could give a loving home to.  The challenge for us to find the right match for them, was that they had a cat and some chickens, but they were willing to wait as long as it took to find the right dog for their family.  Their plan was to adopt a younger dog, then later incorporate an older dog into their home.

Well along came Gracie who came to us after her owner passed away, and immediately captured Skye’s attention.  She and her family even made the long drive up to one of our events in Ventura just to meet her.  After Gracie passed the cat test with flying colors, we gave Skye and Gary the good news, and they decided to change their plans a bit, and adopt an older dog and a younger dog later.  They came out to the rescue, and took Gracie home.

Gracie had been through quite a bit of change after her owner passed away, and had some challenges, but Skye and Gary have been incredibly patient working with Gracie to help her overcome them and make her feel comfortable and secure and know she is home.

Skye has sent us some wonderful photos of Gracie in her new surroundings, and you can view them on our Facebook Page throughout today!

We appreciate adopters like Skye and Gary who open their hearts and their homes to a senior dog, and are devoted and patient in taking the steps to help a dog adjust into their new surroundings with a gentle touch and plenty of love.








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