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Greta Is Adopted!

Greta has found her forever home!

We were notified about Greta, when she was taken to a shelter, after being found as a stray, found wandering alone, emaciated and scared. When she was picked up by local animal control, they scanned for a microchip, but did not find one. Being an older dog in a remote shelter, her chance of being adopted was going to be challenging. When her owners did not claim her during her stray hold, as soon as she was made available, we wasted no time to pull her.

Michael and Susan had applied to adopt a much younger dog, as Michael was active, and wanted a dog to go on hikes with, and accompany him on his walks. He wanted a dog with some energy, but we all know that GSP’s have plenty of energy into their teens, so they agreed to not make age a deciding factor, but instead, concentrate on meeting a dog that would be a good fit for them and their cat.

Greta was the perfect fit. While older than they wanted, she was as sweet as can be, easy going, but still had plenty of playful energy, and she passed her cat test with flying colors. We presented her to them, and they made the appointment to come out and meet her. Michael was still on the fence with her age, but Susan said she was perfect! They spent quite a bit of time with her, and decided that she would join their family. Greta received a new family and a new name that day. Greta is now Gracie.

We have received a nice update from Michael and Susan that we wanted to share with you!

“Gracie is absolutely wonderful! She is much more lively now than when she first arrived – loves to go for walks and gets excited when she sees squirrels, lizards, and birds. Happily the fireworks around the 4th of July didn’t faze her at all. She has also mastered the use of the dog door. Everyone who meets her adores her. She is incredibly sweet and calm.  Even the cats are relaxed around her.

Thank you for connecting us with Gracie.  We are enjoying living with her”.

Thank you Michael and Susan for looking past the age, and opening up your hearts to an amazing adult GSP!

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