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Greta is adopted!

Greta_Rabecca_Eric_DSC_9509w64As a rescue we never have the right words to thank volunteers.  Without volunteers we simply couldn’t find homes for this wonderful breed.  Words cannot thank Rabecca and Eric enough for all they have done for us.  When they see a post go up of a dog in need on our site they ask themselves what they can do and how they can help.  With that simple question they’ve taken in so many of our dogs with special needs.

Then along came pregnant Buttercup with puppies arriving unexpectedly on Wednesday, October 31st.  Buttercup was so thin we did not know she was pregnant.  The volunteers just didn’t have a home to help her.

We asked Rabecca and Eric and, again, they stepped up to help and took Buttercup and her three puppies by Saturday morning.  Not only do they take fosters in but they provide us with the much needed information about what that dogs personality is like and what type of home would be best for the dog.

Rabecca is a skilled photographer and takes amazing pictures to share with potential adopters.  Her children interact with the dogs and they are simply well socialized and cared for when in Rabecca and Eric’s care.

Rabecca and Eric decided to keep Buttercup’s puppy Greta, and we know the wonderful home they will provide for Greta.  We are so grateful for this family for all that they have done and continue to do for the CA GSP Rescue.


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