The GSP Club of the DeLuz Mountain Empire

We call ourselves The German Shorthaired Pointer Club of the DeLuz Mountain Empire. The reason why is that the AKC (American Kennel Club) requires that a club’s name reflect the region they are representing. While the vast majority of the members live within a few miles of the North County meeting place, the area was geographically hard to describe. Hard, that is, until we asked one of the local natives what they called the magnificent mountains just to our north. Not only did the name sound good, but the community that was smack dab in the center of the region was called DeLuz, which is Spanish for “of the Light”, or simply “of Light.” Hence, the name of our newsletter, “Point of Light.” Several hundred years ago, the Spanish explorer and visionary, Antonio Vasquez Parra, came north over the oak forest thickets in the early evening, and upon viewing the mountains in the light of the setting sun, declared that the mountains were like the light to Heaven and this would be the location of his new empire.

The DeLuz Mountain Empire region is the least-densely populated area of the three local counties: Orange, San Diego, and Riverside. The region runs from Laguna Hills to the north in Orange County, east to Lake Elsinore in Riverside County, down past Temecula in Riverside County to the Escondido/Poway/Ramona region in San Diego County, then west to the Carlsbad/Oceanside region on the ocean. The area of our club covers roughly a 25-mile radius centered around the mountain community of DeLuz. There are about 20 towns and cities within our sphere of influence. All of them are known to a certain extent for their small-town flavor and the beauty of the local hills and mountains. We estimate that there are between 800 and 1,000 eligible dog owners within our local sphere of influence who would be favorable to invitation and are welcome to come join us. Although we target our recruitment efforts primarily in North San Diego County, we also accept membership applications from outside our immediate sphere of influence and around the world if those people are interested in the same club philosophy that our club espouses. We also encourage those people who join our club from outside our sphere of influence to get involved in their local clubs.

Why you should be here

The GSPC DeLuz Mountain Empire is dedicated to promoting the fullest enjoyment of the German Shorthaired Pointer. Although our focus is on the German Shorthaired Pointer, we don’t exclude non-GSP breeds from this club. Several of our club members own dogs which can only dream of becoming German Shorthaired Pointers. Even these dogs benefit from the activities of the club, which are many. Among the more popular are the following:

GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER RESCUE – Our motto: “A hunt for a good home”. We place dogs who didn’t get a good deal the first time around, or sometimes had a good deal that abruptly ended. Dogs, supplies, and funds are donated. The club assists in finding foster homes and owners, and operates referrals to help place the dogs. See our Rescue Page at this web site to learn more about our rescue dogs.

SHOW TRAINING – Handling classes socialize our dogs in all ways, and teach the basics and advances of handling a dog. The focus is on preparing dogs for show, which enjoy being trained in a relaxed but controlled setting. It also teaches us more about our dogs.

OBEDIENCE – To have a German Shorthaired Pointer is to need this. They are a rather exuberant breed.

HUNT TEST – This non-competitive event tests dogs’ ability to demonstrate their encoded genes and (hopefully) their training. As much fun to watch as it is to do! This event is open to all sporting dogs.

EDUCATION – The requirement for responsible dog ownership is education. We offer various forms of education ranging from health to anatomy to feeding.

OTHER GREAT STUFF – At various times, we have breeder referrals, matches, the Canine Good Citizen Program, Junior Handling classes, Sportsmanship, Co-op buying, ILP Assistance, Family nights, the Point of Light newsletter, and walking field trials, shows, and judges forums. For more information, contact us.


A club is yours only if you help run it, guide it, and enjoy it. The annual members’ dues are collected to help pay for the monthly newsletter and insurance. Dues of $20 per member or $25 per family gets your hat (and you) in the ring, and enables us to put together the activities that every active dog club wants. Scheduled activities are nominal in cost to members ($1 per dog per session). Are you sometimes short a few? Send an advance payment to our treasurer, Jan Flaherty, PO Box 974, Bonsall CA 92003-0974.

Not a member yet? It’s easy! Simply request an application and let us know you are interested in becoming a member of the club. Once you’ve filled it out, submit it with your dues to the address above. With your application on file, you’re in for a lot of fun! We are currently the largest unaffiliated GSP Club in the United States, but hope to have affiliation with AKC eventually.

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