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Gunnar and Darby are Adopted!

Darby_Gunnar_Scott_Katie_DSC_8610w64Scott and his niece Katie previously adopted a dog from us.  Katie helped decide the dog that Scott adopted the first time, but unfortunately, Scott’s dog passed away a couple of months ago.

Scott enjoys the GSP energy and their velcro-like personality.  He came out a few weeks ago intending to adopt two dogs, but Katie was unable to make the first trip with him.  He met Gunnar, and knew he was just what he was looking for, and went ahead and adopted him.

Scott brought Katie out for a second visit so that she could choose the younger companion for Gunnar, and Katie decided that Darby would be a good companion for both Gunnar and Scott, and of course, Katie when she visits.

We always appreciate when prior adopters return to adopt from us, and we are especially grateful for adopters like Scott who took both an adult GSP and an active young dog combined.

We are very happy that two dogs have found a wonderful home with Scott.

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