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Gunner And Duke Jr. Are Adopted – Together!

IMG_0779Eleven year old Gunner and Five year old Duke Jr. had been brothers and had been with the same family since they were each pups. Sadly, due to a divorce and housing issues, their owners were forced to give them up to California GSP Rescue so that new homes could be found.

It is always difficult to find two dogs a home together, but when one of them is a senior, it is even more difficult – even when the dogs are as well-behaved and as nice as Gunner and Duke! GSP Rescue usually will try for a short amount of time to place them together, but in the interest of finding homes sooner, the dogs are usually split up.  This was not to be the case for Gunner and Duke! They had not one, but two applicants interested in taking them together. One of the applicants happened to be a relative of the original owner – the dogs’ “uncle”.  When Andrew discovered the boys were up for adoption, he contacted California GSP Rescue to let us know he would be more than happy to provide them with forever homes. He knew the dogs from family visits, had a great home and yard for them, and was committed to their care.

As with all of the dogs we take into our care, we are committed to finding the best possible home for each dog. One that can provide them the stability, care, exercise, and love a dog needs. Richard has a definite advantage, already knowing the dogs, and has the commitment to give them a forever home. As an added bonus for both the boys and their previous family, they will get to visit them as well.

We at California GSP Rescue are extremely grateful to BOTH applicants for coming forward and considering adopting not one, but two, great and deserving GSPs!

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