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Gustav is Safe!

gustav-shelterGustav showed up at a local kill shelter late last week as a stray. When his owner didn’t claim him, he became available for adoption. He also was at a greater risk for being put to sleep after the hold was up. Shelters are experiencing the same influx of dogs that we are experiencing just before summer each year. Unlike California GSP Rescue that relies on adoptions, the shelters often have to resort to putting down dogs down to make room for the new arrivals. Fortunately, California GSP Rescue was notified about Gustav by several concerned individuals and the necessary plans were made. A few emails and a few calls later, a volunteer was found to go pick up Gustav and get him one step closer to safety. As an all volunteer organization, we depend exclusively on individuals who are willing to give their time to make a difference. If you think you might like to help, please, contact us.

We’ll have more information about him very soon.

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