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Harlem is a Hit with All!

Harlem Pet Expo 2014Harlem was a hit at a the recent OC Pet Expo.  He stood out there for three days greeting people and dogs.  He was very well mannered with all of his other GSP friends that came along with him.

Harlem has that beautiful houndy face that we are all drawn too…  Big eared Harlem.  He has a great gate to him that is more of a trot or prance than a gate.   It is a treat to watch him run around the field with his favorite toy the ball. Once the ball is in view Harlem can’t focus on much else.

Harlem needs a home that will manage him well, and lead him in all the good behaviors a well mannered GSP should have.

Learn more about Harlem here.  If you are interested in meeting this ball loving boy, please complete an adoption application here.

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