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Harry the House Guest

Harry BlanketRecently, I had the privilege of watching Harry overnight for his fosters. I say privilege because Harry was the easiest, best house guest we’ve had in a long time (no offense Aunt Carol)! We’ve had a few fosters, dogs from the rescue stay over for a night or two, as well as dogs we’ve babysat for family. There is always an adjustment period for our slightly-dominant female GSP, but not with Harry! A couple of sniffs and they were indifferent “friends”, roaming the house and yard together as if they’d always lived together. He politely waited for his turn for treats, and patiently waited for his food bowl- never even considering stealing hers – he won over the queen bee pretty easily!

Harry wasn’t just popular with the two canine members of our family, he endeared himself to the humans quite easily too! My stressed-out-it’s-finals-and-I-have-a job-so-leave-me-alone daughter couldn’t resist Harry’s charms. She gave in right away to his insistent pawing of her leg and gave him the belly rub he was looking for. The minute she stopped, he patted her arm to let her know he wasn’t finished yet. We got to see her smile, the one we haven’t seen since right after mid-terms. Harry didn’t play favorites, though, we were all fair game for his adorable “pet me”‘ look and pat! When he finally had enough pets and belly rubs, he came and sat on my feet – not AT my feet, mind you, but ON them! Harry may be a GSP Mix, but there is a lot of GSP in there!

And in the yard, this GSP mix was ALL GSP! No corner was left un-explored. Whatever the creatures were behind my trash cans (and I really don’t want to know what they were) are gone, scared away by a whining and excited Harry. For about three minutes straight, all you could see was a butt and a wagging tail sticking out between the cans – he was going to make darn sure they knew a hunter was in the yard! And his point! I tried hard to get a photo, but just never had the camera at the right time. You will just have to take our word for it, Harry has a perfect GSP point. What fun he was to watch explore and hunt.  It is a very lucky family that will one day adopt Harry!

Learn more about Harry here!

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