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Help us “Raise the Roof”!

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Can you help us Raise The Roof? Have you ever heard the phrase “Christmas in July”? Well, we hope it’s a real thing as the CA GSP Rescue is in need of a little Christmas spirit and Christmas giving.
Unfortunately, we just can’t wait for December! Why? We recently had an emergency situation at the CA GSP Rescue kennel, and we are hoping our generous supporters will help us recover from the expense.  Our emergency was a leaky and unstable roof in our main kennel building – and waiting or patching were just not feasible. As much as we are all about saving money – and spending our donations wisely – the safety and comfort of the dogs comes above all else. The roof was in need of immediate repair. Luckily, we found a roofer who did the work quickly and at a fair price – but now we must pay for it! 
In the past, we’ve been enormously grateful and humbled by the generosity and support of all the GSP adopters, fans, and “dog people” that follow and support the efforts of the CA GSP Rescue. We are hoping we can count on you all now to help us RAISE THE ROOF!

Don’t worry, the dogs are dry and safe thanks to quick action. (Here’s a shout-out to Gardner Roofing who acted quickly on the repair, and not on the collection!) But now, we must “take care of business”. We need to raise $17,000 (yikes!), but we know we can get there one step at a time; one $20, $50 or $100 bill at a time! ANY amount helps and takes a chunk out of this huge bill. 
The dogs and the volunteers of the CA GSP Rescue REALLY appreciate your help! 

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