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Hershey is Safe!

German Shorthaired Pointer GSP ShelterOften times we pick a dog up at a shelter and just shake our heads not understanding why they are there in the first place.  CA GSP Rescue was notified of a male German Shorthaired Pointer that was dropped off by his owners at a local shelter when they were moving.  He was reported to have had great training and to be good with children.  We don’t know if any of what is reported is true when we pick up a dog from a shelter but we pick them up and start to get to know what makes this dog special….and Hershey is special.

In the shelter Hershey was well liked by the shelter volunteers.  They were thrilled he was going to rescue and several volunteers stopped us to tell us how nice this German Shorthaired Pointer is….a good sign when you’re picking up a dog from a shelter.  He had been well cared for and a member of a family for all six years of his life. You could tell this shortly after meeting him.  He went “shopping” with the volunteer that picked him up soon after he was picked up and no less than nine passers-by wondered about this beautiful, well mannered good dog the volunteer had.

However, back to the original thought…we just shake our heads wondering how this dog is in a shelter…the question is two-fold:

1) Why, after giving a German Shorthaired Pointer a nice life for the past six years and he giving you his entire trust, wouldn’t you contact rescue ensure that this beautiful soul has a safe spot to land when you can no longer care for him.  Why not, at a minimum, contact a rescue if you cannot keep your dog and let us help your dog find that great home that he/she deserves.

2) Why drop your pet off at a shelter?   There are so many variables that can happen to a dog in a shelter…and owner turns ins at shelters are in the worst position of all.  Great dogs are put to sleep daily in shelters across the US that are wonderful dogs…they are put to sleep because of space requirements, because the dog is stressed in a shelter environment and may react differently than they would in a home and for other reasons.  But why drop your dog off in a place where they can be put to sleep at any time.

However, as a rescue we have Hershey, are getting him the care and attention he needs and are enjoying the opportunity to ensure this one German Shorthaired Pointer’s safety and to discover the type of home that Hershey will thrive in for the remainder of his years.  We do promise to stick by him when his owners did not and that is where our commitment is.  And we will be soon looking for that perfect home for Hershey that will stick with him for life.

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