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Hey Buddy!

Buddy SquareHey Buddy – we didn’t know before just how sweet and affectionate you are! We didn’t know you would be mellow and just hang out in the house. Seeing you jump up and down in your kennel, seeing you run for miles alongside the bicycle and hunt and run the field with extreme enthusiasm, we thought you were full-speed Buddy all the time! We even started calling you “wild-man” – with a smile on our face, of course, because you were the quintessential GSP. You are everything the books say about GSPs; you have energy to spare and the stamina to go, and go, and go.

And then, our volunteer Lisa took you home for the weekend so that we could show you off at the Orange County Expo, and we got to meet the family dog named Buddy. Wow! What a sweet dog you are! After each long day at the Expo – swimming in the pool, trying your skills out on a surfboard, greeting visitors, and being our ambassador – you went home to Lisa’s house for some well-deserved belly rubs and snuggles. You are always so busy in the field, we didn’t know you liked this stuff! As we already knew, you also got along great with her pack, too, living up to your name of “Buddy” to all of the dogs.

We can tell no one has taken a lot of time training you before, but once you saw how excited WE got when you followed our direction, we think you kind of like hearing, “good boy, Buddy!” – and we know you like the treats that come with it. We know, with a family to teach you new things, you are going to be Mr. Perfect, in addition to being Mr. Wild-Man. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want you to stop being “Wild Man”, because that enthusiasm is what makes you who you are! We are glad, though, that we have some pictures and videos to show potential adopters the sweetie they might take home – as they watch you zoom by. Buddy, your family is coming soon!

Buddy is still waiting for his forever home. Learn more about Buddy here!

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