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Hi, My Name Is Arty

Arty dsc_8008 w64Hi, my name is Arty. They tell me I’m a shy dog, but it’s something I’m working on. I’m not shy with other dogs though …. I LOVE other dogs! They are fun to play with! Other dogs like me too because I’m respectful of their space and I don’t play mean – they just know I want to have fun. I’ve also learned some good things from the other dogs, like which people have the snacks and which toys are the best to play tug with!

I’m not shy with some people that I have got to know, either. I have a few favorites like Cindy and Darrin, who take care of me here at the kennel. They always have a good treat and a pet for me. I didn’t used to like pets, but the more I get them, the better they are!  Maybe people are getting better at petting? I also like my person Greg. He comes many times a week and takes me out to play with the other dogs. He also has a secret place he keeps some really yummy treats – he calls it his pocket. I love Greg’s pocket and I hope my forever person has a pocket too! Greg taught me how to put my head through a hole in his slip lead. This is a pretty cool thing because, when I have it on, Greg and the other volunteers take me outside! I used to be a bit afraid of outside, but now I know there are new smells out there every time I go! It’s just amazing! Greg is trying to teach me to jump into his car, too. I’m not sure about that one yet.

Probably the most important thing I can tell you about myself is: I really would like a forever home of my own. I know it will be a little scary at first, and there will be lots of new things to get used to, but if there is a patient person to give me a little time to figure it out, and maybe even a dog to follow and learn from, I know I can do it. And, although I like the names Cindy, Darrin, and Greg, its okay if my new person has a different name – but it would be nice if they had a pocket!

If you would like to learn more about me click here!

To meet me, please complete an adoption application, and ask for Arty!

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