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Hilde is Safe!

ZeigerEvery year just before Summer when most people busy themselves with making plans on how they’ll spend their vacations, we see an increase in the number of GSPs at the shelters. It’s almost like clockwork and it almost seems as if on the “to do” list is a check box next to “take the dog to the shelter”. Fortunately, for the majority of German Shorthaired Pointers, we have a good network of volunteers that can help pull and transport dogs from the shelters.  What is unfortunate, that shelters are not required to hold relinquished family dogs for any amount of time. A decision to euthanize a relinquished pet can take place anytime after the owners departure.

Hilde was originally relinquished to the shelter by her owner and adopted out from the shelter. Unfortunately, the adopters were unable to keep her and she was relinquished a second time to the shelter. Breed education is something everyone should be aware of before adopting a dog, especially an active sporting breed like a GSP. Fortunately, California GSP Rescue, with the help of Stephani from another rescue and volunteers Larry and Nancy, were able to make arrangements to pull and transport Hilde.

Last week, Hilde got one step closer to her forever home. A forever home that will have knowledge of the breed, post adoption support from California GSP Rescue, and  know more about Hilde’s individual needs. Her next forever home will see she gets the attention and exercise she requires. A big thanks to Stephani and volunteers Larry and Nancy for helping make this possible.

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