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Honey Is Safe!

004A_edited-1 (2)Honey is Safe! We receive emails every day about dogs in shelters. Some of the emails are seeing if we can help with a GSP or Pointer Mixes. Mixes can be challenging. The less they look like a GSP, the more difficult they can be to place. When we received an email from Michelle about Honey, a Pointer Mix that was 27 lbs when she first arrived to the shelter, along with this video, we knew we had to help.

Honey was found as a stray roaming around during a summer heat wave. She was emaciated, dehydrated, and parts of her pads were raw from walking around on scorching hot surfaces. Michelle helped nurse her back making sure she was eating and drinking while in her care, and was rewarded with many appreciative kisses from Honey.

When Michelle reached out to California GSP Rescue to see if we could help with this special girl, we immediately contacted a few volunteers to see who was available to transport. When Volunteer Janet responded that she was available, we didn’t waste any time making arrangements with Michelle and the shelter to pick Honey up. See the touching video below of Janet picking up and Michelle saying goodbye to Honey.

We have continued to see Honey puts on weight while we work with her. She is just as sweet as she is in the video and in the next few days, you’ll be able to read more about her when we post her bio on our website. We can help Mixes like Honey because we have individuals that are willing to help us network and make donations. If you would like to help, share this post, make a small donation, or buy a raffle ticket for a 2 night get away. Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated.

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