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Hudson Is Adopted!

Hudson_Vicki_Mike- Adoption PhotoVicki and Mike are no strangers to the breed. They described to us “The GSP is such a fantastic breed, and their personalities are so majestic, loving, friendly and loyal. We just love them”. We couldn’t agree more.  Recently, Vicki and Mike lost their beloved GSP, Ox, and wanted to fill their home and their hearts with another, and to be a companion for their 3 year old boxer, BB.  They also had a cat, so that added a bit of a challenge for us.

We had just recently gotten in a dog that was adopted a few years prior that was returned as his owners did not have the time to give this young energetic German Shorthaired Pointer the training and exercise he needed.  Just as Hudson came back to rescue, Vicki and Mike were waiting for a dog just like him. We told them about Hudson, and they were over the moon. They had plenty of room and time for training and exercising him, and they had BB, their Boxer who couldn’t wait to have a playmate.  We just had one hurdle to jump, and that was with the cat. We cat tested Hudson, and he passed with flying colors!  It was a perfect match, and Vicki and Mike and BB came out to the rescue to meet him, and it didn’t take long for them to realize that Hudson was the one.

We received an update recently from Vicki letting us know how Hudson is doing. “Hudson is loving life. He’s been 2 nights, no potty accidents. He is learning sit, wait, no, here, and leave it, and doing terrific! He is having a great time exploring his yard with his sister BB. He did put her in her place with a couple of barks, but it was awesome because she needs it, as she gets a little pushy. He is doing fantastic on leash. Things are going really good with he and the kitty. We couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful dog. We love him more each minute”!

And we couldn’t have asked for more loving and devoted adopters who saw the potential in a dog that hadn’t gotten enough attention in his previous home, and were willing to take the time to give him the training, assurance and confidence he needed to thrive.

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