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Hunter is Adopted!

Hunter GSP Rescue California Adopted Jim JamieJim and Jamie have always had German Shorthaired Pointers. They applied for a female GSP since they had typically always had female GSP’s, but after meeting a female and another male in the field, they decided a male GSP is just as loving and affectionate as the female.

They went home that first meeting disappointed that the dog they had originally met was not a fit for them, but knew they could not ensure she got the exercise this very young and extremely active female GSP needed.  They still wanted to adopt a GSP, and we continued the search for a good fit for them.

Soon after we got Hunter who had lived with another older female, we thought we may have a match for them. He was the right age range, the right activity level, and was good with another female dog.   We contacted them and they were so thrilled they came out New Years day to meet their new addition.  Hunter and their dog got along very well, and he turned out to be the perfect fit for them.

Hunter is now enjoying life with an older four legged sibling, a large yard, and a house to share with his people, and getting lots of attention from Jim and Jamie daily.  Jamie recently wrote to us saying they had renamed him Beau and he has been a very good companion to their GSP Samy.  Jamie said “He’s not at all shy around people – he welcomes everyone into our home.  Loves to be scratched and hugged.  He had a little separation anxiety for the first few nights but that’s gone now.  He’s smart and trains easily and quickly, although he doesn’t give up his tennis balls easily.  So happy to report we’re all happy and well”.

We are thankful for these wonderful adopters that knew what the type of dog that could fit into their home and were willing to stick with us and work with us to find that right match for them. One of our volunteers often has been heard to say “its just a matter of time until the right dog comes along”.  This is the case for Hunter’s new home with Jamie, Jim and Samy.


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