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Hunter is here!

Hunter_DSC_0578w64A little over a week ago, California GSP Rescue learned of Hunter. He had been seized in an animal cruelty case and held for a nearly a year at the shelter while his original owner was prosecuted. Hunter had originally been found in a small filthy cage lying in his own waste. After his owner was found guilty, a small rescue picked up Hunter so that he wouldn’t be put to sleep. While Hunter had been kept nearly a year at the shelter as evidence, his health condition prevented him from being offered to the public. His underside was covered in growths that when examined by a Vet, appeared to be cancerous. Unable to afford the test that Hunter needed, the rescue looked for someone that could help provide Hunter the medical attention he needed. Fortunately, with the help Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles, Hunter was transported to California GSP Rescue where he will get the medical attention he needs and, if possible, find his forever home. Thank you to all those that provided us with information on Hunter and a very special thank you to Shannon of Westside German Shepherd Rescue and California GSP Rescue Volunteer Lance for helping transport Hunter to safety.

There will be Vet bills for Hunter. He already has an appointment to see Dr Kang who will help guide us. While we have no way of knowing what the future holds for Hunter, we will provide him with the medical attention he needs. If you are interested in helping, we encourage you help by sponsoring Hunter.

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