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Hunter Thomas is safe!

Last week, California GSP Rescue saved three GSPs from local shelters. Hunter Thomas’s story is perhaps the saddest of all three. He hadn’t been given up for any other reason than being “too old”!

Just a few thoughts… you might donate a sweater that is “too old” to your local thrift store; you would probably trade in your car that is “too old”; you might even throw away an old chair that is “too old” to refinish but not quite an antique; but, you do not take your dog to the shelter because he or she is “too old”! Fortunately, for Hunter Thomas, California GSP Rescue learned of him at the shelter, and with the help of Volunteers Daniel and Gracie, he found his way to safety.

Hunter Thomas will be eligible for the Golden Paw Program when he is made available for adopting. You can help CA GSP Rescue continue our efforts rescuing and adopting out Seniors by making a donation to help fund this program.

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