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I Love Mac – You Will Too!

I love this dog. I’ve said it before, and likely will say it again, but Mac is the real deal. He snuggles into me as I scratch the side of his face. I get the leash and he’s super excited, but he sits as told. There is a little pulling as we leave the kennel, but a firm, “Mac, heel” gets the walk under control. It is such a delight to walk with Mac, so much easier than the wild and crazy GSPs at the kennel!

And I’m not the only one who thinks he’s pretty special! Other volunteers have suggested he could even be an assistance dog. We believe it would be pretty easy to teach him to open doors, turn off lights and fetch things! This boy is smart! He is pretty funny, too. He runs and zigs and zags like a puppy – a 9 year old puppy! Turns out, the nice thing about a 9 year old puppy is that they mellow out quickly and settle down.

As much as we volunteers love Mac, we’d be overjoyed to see him leave. He deserves a full-time family and he would be SO good for them! His “plus column” is huge, but he’s not pure GSP so he’s been left behind. Way too many times, Mac has not been the choice of our visitors. Those of us who know him, can’t understand it. How often do you meet a dog that is crate trained, good on a leash, sits, stays, stands up and begs, is good with children, and is even good off leash when he knows you – this all describes Mac!

If you would like to learn more about adding this awesome boy to your family, please apply here.

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