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In Loving Memory Of Earl

Earl BedOur hearts are heavy, as we recently received word from Steve, Earl’s owner, that he passed away in his sleep this week.

“It is with great sadness and shock that I found Earl passed away this morning of unknown causes. Earl was fine all day Sunday, he ate, slept, and bugged me his usual amount. I last petted him this morning at 3:00 a.m. and he did his usual ‘don’t bug me’ response. I am so sorry and so shattered. He never made a complaining sound, and I thank him for maybe thinking about me and his forever home. He loved it here…it was his place…truly his forever home. We think Earl was about 10 years old, coming into the GSP-rescue looking like he was around 7 years. I took him at about 8 years, which was May 2013.

Earl was a really good ol’ dog! He was polite, never complaining, and would sit for his food. Earl loved riding in the car to visit the CAGSP Rescue, as he knew we’d end up at Carlsbad Beach. Earl loved his backyard, and made a pathway all around the perimeter. Earl never left the yard, ever, and he never barked except on rare occasion when the neighbor’s two small dogs would bug him through the fence. Once, and I’m telling you the truth, Earl mooed! I got up, he came over to me, stopped…and yes, MOOED! Dang ol’ cow he thought he was”.

Earl and Steve have always been a comical pair.  He originally got Earl an Angels Dog Tag so he could express his anger that Earl liked the Angels while he was a Dodgers fan.  Always funny in a very loving way.

When Steve first applied he had two very old dogs.  He decided to wait until they passed to adopt and we thought he’d maybe change his mind, and not follow up. True to his word Steve followed up, and was so concerned that his dog not leave his yard…that was a big thing for him.  Earl bit Steve pretty good about a year ago and Steve got concerned, but said he could work with him.

Steve was Earls third home …the two before returned him   Earl was not an easy dog, but Steve’s love and devotion prevailed. Steve brought Earl to the rescue for a visit many times, and Earl was always growling at the other dogs.  You we would often hear Steve say “Ohhh Earlllll”,  in almost a southern twang. Theirs was a love story of its own unique kind. A really lovely man and a lovely dog made just for Steve.

Rest peacefully Earl… You had a wonderful home to enjoy in your remaining years, and went on your own terms. We will all miss you…

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