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In Loving Memory of Greta

Greta, a female German Shorthaired Pointer was rescued several years ago wandering alone in the desert. She was picked up by the Humane Society in very bad shape, and they were unsure that she would survive. They contacted us, and we picked up Greta and got her into our vet immediately. While she recovered slowly, we knew that she would need a special home to understand that Greta may have some underlying conditions that would develop in the future.

Previous adopter Nancy contacted us about adopting a dog, and we told her about Greta, and she wanted to meet her despite her health condition. One look at Greta was all it took, and Nancy committed to providing Greta with the home we were looking for.

Sadly, we recently were notified by Nancy that Greta has passed away. While we are deeply saddened by this tremendous loss for Nancy, we are equally grateful to her for adopting Greta, and giving her the best chance possible, of 9 wonderful years full of love and care.

“It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that my little girl Greta passed away today. I want to thank you for giving her to me 9 years ago. She was the sweetest thing ever. I’ve had a lot of dogs but she was so sweet.

She was rescued out of the Lancaster desert found wandering alone, and was picked up by the Humane Society.  She was in bad condition. She had no hair, scabs and only weighed 20 pounds. The society got a hold of the California German Shorthaired Pointer rescue and they picked her up and even though things looked pretty grim for Greta, they took her into their vet and provided her with the medical care she desperately needed.

I was looking for another dog at the time, and they told me about Greta and they said that they were unsure if her condition would improve, however, I said I would take her and the rest is history. She had several medical issues because of the condition she was in but I didn’t matter to me. She was full of life. I will never regret the day I brought her home.

Last week we noticed that she did not want to eat and became lethargic and we took her to the doctor and they did a lot of tests and her blood anemia level was extremely low. She had Osteomyelitis, and she had a lot of auto immune deficiencies. Her organs were shutting down because she was not getting blood supply to them which they basically say in the long run it came from baby red cell Aplacia. Which meant that the blood inside the bone was not supplying her body. She went into the Animal Specialty hospital in Los Angeles last Saturday. She had four transfusions including a dog to dog transfusion which perked her up, but it didn’t help the situation. We hoped that would bring her up, however, her organs were failing, but her heart was strong. I was praying for a miracle. And also because of the COVID virus we could not go visit her and that was the hardest thing to do was just sit by the phone and wait for the doctor to call and give me her progress. We were hoping to bring her home.

Today I got the call that it was a dire situation to get down there and I did. I got there and I held her for two hours and told her how much I loved her because I knew that those were the words that I wanted her to hear from me and they were to be the last words that she heard.

Greta was such a joy, and I am so grateful I found that special buddy, and brought her home. Thank you again Greta for being such a great friend. We’ve had great dogs from the rescue. I have three now. I would love to have my number four back, but God has her. Greta, when you left this world today you took a piece of my heart that will not be replaced forever. I just wanted to share this and say thank you, and thank you to Jan. ~ Nancy”

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