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In Loving Memory Of Gretchen

Gretchen arrived at the rescue back in 2014 at 9 years of age. A beautiful white and liver girl who was as sweet as they come.

Carolyn was a previous adopter, and re-applied with us to find a companion for her GSP Humphrey, after her beloved Chelsea passed away. Gretchen hadn’t been with us very long, but as we got to know her, we were pretty sure that this was going to be a perfect match. While Gretchen could not replace Chelsea, she would fill the void of companionship they were missing for both Carolyn and Humphrey.

We recently received the sad news that Carolyn’s beloved Gretchen passed away. Our hearts are very heavy, but also full knowing that Gretchen had such a wonderful life in Carolyn’s care. We know how much she is missed by Carolyn and her other dog, Dooley.

We always loved getting updates from Carolyn about Gretchen’s antics. They always made us smile. She has shared a tribute to Gretchen. We think it will make you smile too, and give you a glimpse of how much she was loved.

“When Greg brought Gretchen to my house for a meet and greet, she immediately began racing around and around my large yard.  Around and around and around! as I and Humphrey, her soon-to-be-brother, watched in amazement.  It seems she’d spent most of her life indoors as part of a backyard breeding operation (girls indoors, boys outdoors) so my yard became her Disneyland.  For five years my little Energizer Bunny pursued critters with vigor and determination. . .although to the best of my knowledge she never caught anything, not so much as a bug!  But she tried!

Beyond critter patrol, her other passion was food, although her definition of “food” was pretty broad.  There was the 3 pound bag of potatoes that mysteriously disappeared.  The bottle of ginseng gelcaps that came back up at the vet’s in a gloriously green puddle of goo.  And the bag of coffee beans that nearly killed her–you think your GSP is hyper?  Wait until you see one that is super caffeinated!  And to the last every meal was greeted with leaps, spins, and pirouettes.  Of course, over the last year arthritis and balance issues made such gymnastics a Bad Idea, which is why my tiled kitchen area is covered with a tasteful and stylish collection of area rugs and yoga mats.

She wasn’t the brightest light on the block; her typical expression was one of slight puzzlement.  But she bounced through life with an irresistible clueless-ness, like a canine Valley Girl meeting every impediment with a shrug and “Like, Wow.  Whatever.”  She seemed to think that good things would just fall in her lap, and I couldn’t help but see that they did.

I couldn’t move around the house without her following me:  “Mommy?  Where go?”  (Yes, she was the sort of dog who would say “Mommy,” rather than “Mom.”)    I refused to allow her in the bathroom (I do have standards) but she would check in on me every couple of minutes.  She loved hugs and morning snuggles, and had the silkiest ears ever.

Goodbye, silly little goose”.

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