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In Loving Memory Of Handsome

Handsome was not adopted from the California GSP Rescue, however, he was responsible for three others finding their forever home.

Handsome belonged to Stefan and Lauren. They fell in love with everything Handsome taught them about this magnificent breed, and in 2017, they reached out to us to find a companion for Handsome. They adopted April, now Nipsy in 2014, then Kermit, now Bevers adopted in 2017, and in 2018, they came back and adopted Lady Dunkel. Such special family, and incredible story of paying it forward, and changing lives for the better.

We thank you Handsome for being such a perfect example of why we love this breed so much, and for welcoming others into your domain who needed a home. You will always be remembered by not only that handsome face of yours, but also that signature heart on your back.

Lauren and Stefan were kind to share some words about their beloved Handsome with us.

“Handsome came to us as a puppy from a family member. We had never heard of the breed but knew we had to take him home. He was the epitome of a GSP. Loved to run, swim, and sleep under the covers. We loved him so much we wanted more, and ended up adopting 3 more from the California GSP Rescue.  This led us to hosting an annual fundraiser to help the rescue grow and continue saving these amazing dogs.

GSP owners LOVE this breed.  We get excited whenever we see one pass us on the street or playing in the park. I’ve never felt more loved than I did by Handsome. There is a hole left in my heart and I miss him very much. He was a good boy who brought me pillows every time I walked in the door and slept next to me at night.  We were so lucky to have had him for almost 11 years. He was getting old and let us know it was his time. So we had to let him go.  He lived a very full and happy life”.

Thank you Stefan and Lauren for opening up your hearts and your home for three homeless GSP’s, and for continuing to support the rescue. We are so deeply sorry for the loss of your Handsome. He truly made a difference in your lives, and also the lives of Nipsy, Bevers and Lady Dunkel. Rest peacefully Handsome… We will never forget you.
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