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In Loving Memory Of Hedi

12 years ago, Hedi’s life was changed forever when a wonderful family came out to the rescue to meet her. We can’t possibly describe the life she lived after leaving the rescue that day, so we are going to let her family tell you. Rest peacefully Hedi. We will never forget you. 
“I wanted to let you know that early this morning Hedi (she was turning 15 next month) crossed the rainbow Bridge. She gave us 12 wonderful years with her and we are so blessed that she decided 12 years ago to share her life with us. 
When we came to the rescue back in 2007, Hedi picked us.  She had an instant bond with Ian. There was no doubt about it.  She decided that we would be her family that beautiful Saturday morning on Bonsall.  It was an immediate connection. 
She was the sweetest cuddle dog, warming our toes at night.  She preferred the human bed over the dog bed, always slept with a down pillow and tucked under blankets. She loved the cuddles but boy, did she love to hunt.  The first few years we tracked her hunting on an excel but soon gave up. No bird, squirrel, rat or Opossum was ever safe in her yard or park. She would clear a 6-7 foot wall to pull them down. Later on she even tracked snakes on her walks (not rattlers). She had the hunting spirit going even to the last day.  
She was an amazing companion and guard dog for this family.  Nobody stepped foot on her property unless she deemed them safe. When the kids were younger she would corral them out front on their big wheels making sure that nobody came too close. She would chase the kids down the hills while they were sledding and get into mischief with them but always keeping them safe. She could be found in the middle of Nerf dart wars, Lego building or art projects. Cuddle up to them while gaming, share a blanket while reading a book, or sneaking a snack off their plates. 
5 weeks ago her spunk suddenly changed and we learned that she had liver cancer that was bleeding.  The Chinese medicine Yunnan Baiyao gave us 5 weeks with her to say goodbye and spoil her with steak and ice cream (she loved her mint and chip). She gave us so much joy and love and was a family member through and through.  Our hearts are broken today but we know that she is hunting with her boyfriend Chester and waiting for us to cross the rainbow bridge when our time comes. Thank you for an amazing 12 years with us Hedi! You were an amazing dog and will be missed more then words can say. 
Nicola, Chad, Sean, Megan, Evan, Cameron and Ian” 


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