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In Loving Memory Of Mumford

The news of Mumford has hit us pretty hard. While we are always happy the dogs we rescue are adopted and are loved, Mumford was incredibly special and truly unforgettable.

Mumford was picked up at the shelter by one of our volunteers and his daughter. She named him after the band Mumford and Sons. The shelter was supposedly “no kill” but when our volunteer went to the front desk for more information they had plans to euthanize him. Our volunteer was dumbfounded. They said it was because he had cancer but nothing in his records indicated that. Knowing the right home was out there, we rescued him. While we cannot tell you how happy we are that Melissa and Mark adopted Mumford, knowing he is no longer here saddens us.

“Our serendipitous meeting, journey with Mumford began as an idea to pay it forward in honor of our beloved GSP’s Lexi and Molly who had recently passed. Our house once filled with their quick steps, panting and joy was quiet and allowed us to reflect how truly special they were. We had the idea in their honor to adopt senior GSP knowing there is a not only a need but also knowing how unique and wonderful they are. Experiencing both Lexi and Molly as young tornados and then older dogs equipped us with a good expectation of what we were getting ourselves into.

Researching I found CA GSP, made some inquiry’s regarding seniors and started the application process looking for the special match. Our intention was to adopt, an older female, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out. Teri and Greg recommended Mumford and so our story begins…

Our boy Mumford who recently passed will be forever in our hearts and minds, as at our first meeting you jumped up beside me on the bench and laid in my lap, and from that day forward I knew then we weren’t going home without you. I want to thank Teri and Greg for their encouragement and support. We are rescue heroes and will continue to be so. There is great value in helping these GSPs as they offer a special gift for this world. We are honored to support so much positivity.

We are deeply saddened by your absence but know Mumford you would not want us to be. You were always there when you felt we were distressed, with your special hugs for us from our lap. Mumford, we want the world to know what a special boy you were. We will miss your young puppy joy, your morning runs with me in the desert on the trails, on the soccer field and your morning meeting with the horses on the wash trail. You were so handsome and not a human you met wouldn’t brag about your beauty and pure joy. We will miss your morning surveillance of your property, your slow start along the fence line to your gradual run and sometimes a lizard stop along the way. We will miss your rides to the bus stop, your full run to the car and jump in the backseat and your resistance to get out when the ride was over. We will miss your trips to the office where your actor qualities earned you so many pets and treats. We will miss your escapes and be thankful for the GPS we had on you to effectively retrieve you and sometimes carry you back because you were so exhausted from running after the bunnies. We will miss all the invitations we had to bring you along anytime we were invited anywhere and numerous offers to dog sit. We will miss your selective appetite and all your tricks. I could go on forever, and you will always be remembered. We will miss mostly the effect that you had on people, how your love was overwhelming and filled everyone’s hearts. Thank you, Mumford, for your gift of unconditional love and the worldly advice to always enter the room with a wagging tail”.


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