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In Loving Memory Of Rommel

Four years ago, fearing we would never be able to find an adopter for Rommel due to a recurring carcinoma, we sent a letter to former adopters, applicants, and those who had previously supported the rescue. We were hoping for a long-term foster willing to care for him and give him the home he so deserved. The response from so many willing to help was heart-warming; restoring faith in our volunteers who so often see the worst of people.While there were many willing and very able to help, former adopters Laura and Michael were chosen for many reasons, and happily came out to the rescue to take Rommel home. While there, Laura spoke to a few of our “failed fosters” – so it was not a big surprise when, after having this sweet boy in their home for a short while, they contacted us to adopt him!

Laura and Michael recently notified us that their beloved Rommel passed away earlier this month. While we are deeply saddened by this news, we are so grateful and happy that the last 4 years of his life was spent in a wonderful home where he was a loved and cherished family member.

Today, 7 January 2017, at 1100 we celebrated the life of “our big brown bear”.  Surrounded by family and friends, our Rommel took his first steps onto the Rainbow Bridge where he met up with our dear cat Jiggs. Together they now are both healed, happy and playing together. Rommel is watching over mommy, daddy, Hunter, Annie, Rudy and Maynard until we are all reunited and together, as a family, then we will cross the Rainbow Bridge into heaven together, forever. Our hearts are sad but we are also relieved that he is now has the much deserved quality of life that he slowly lost here on earth. Please celebrate dear Rommel with us. Our big brown bear will always be in our hearts and our happy memories.
Laura, Michael, Hunter, Annie, Rudy and Maynard 

P.S. Michael would like everyone to know that Rommel is named after The Desert Fox:

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