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In Loving Memory of Sophie

Sophie 1 (2)When Melinda came to us almost four years ago, she was looking for a lively companion for her active retriever. Having grown up with GSP’s, she felt an adult GSP would be just perfect. We introduced her to playful and sweet Sophie, and she took her home. Sophie was quite lucky to join a family of long-time GSP lovers and long-time California GSP Rescue adopters, as Melinda’s parents had adopted more than one GSP! Sophie fit in from the beginning, and when Melinda’s daughter added a GSP mix, Banksy (now Jack) from the rescue, Sophie welcomed him to the family.

We were happy to see Sophie at the recent Rescue Reunion in May. She looked as happy as ever in her forever family. Unfortunately, we recently learned from Melinda that Sophie passed away.

Melinda wrote to us “It is with a sad heart that I need to let you know that Sophie past away this last Saturday at the young age of almost 10. She would have turned 10 on September 16th.  She finally succumbed to the cancer that we found out about a few months ago that was aggressive and non treatable.  Sophie really enjoyed her forever home right from the 1st day almost 4 years ago.  She and her brother Dakota enjoyed each others company and then the kids added Jack to our family. She loved going to the dog park and just chasing the ball, hunting for lizards on our walks,  running after birds or just hang out with me. Sophie had a wonderful life and she is really going to be missed, and she will always have a special place in my heart. I’m going to miss our snuggle time in the morning and Dakota and Jack will miss their leader of the pack, she always did know how to put them in their place but in a nice way.  I have attached the pictures that I sent in the email which are only a few of the many that I took of her over the short 3 ½ years she was part of our family.  Don’t worry I’ll be back to adopt again and give another wonderful GSP their forever home”.

All of us at California GSP Rescue are forever grateful for Melinda giving Sophie her forever home. We know these must have been the happiest years of her life. Melinda and her family have welcomed so many GSP’s into their homes, we can’t thank them enough.

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