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In Memory of Buddy Rudy

buddyIt is with very heavy hearts that we tell you of the passing of Buddy Rudy. Though we will greatly miss his affection and attention, we try to concentrate on the “extra” year of chasing birds and hunting gophers that we were privileged to give him. Our goal for each dog at the rescue is for them to have their own happy-ever-after family. ¬†For Buddy Rudy, though, the volunteers and Jan became his family as we searched for a way to control the autoimmune disease that ravaged his skin. Through it all, our Buddy Rudy remained affectionate, loved his hours patrolling the field and laying under the trees, and took every chance he had to snuggle with a volunteer.

Buddy Rudy is at peace now and free of pain and scars. His legacy is the unconditional love he gave us and the outpouring of support his story brought.

We are so thankful for those who helped Rudy, especially Jan who spent hours researching, caring, and worrying about Buddy Rudy, and Mako and Stephanie who had agreed to make him part of their pack without any assurances that they would have him for long, Stephanie who took such beautiful photos of him to help get his story out, and of course those who gave so generously so that we were able to afford to help him.

Although it was too short, Buddy Rudy’s life with us was filled with an enormous amount of love and care, and we will miss him dearly.


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