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In Memory of Star

Star MemorialCalifornia GSP Rescue helps GSPs of all ages. One of the reasons we are able to pull adult and senior GSPs from the shelters is because of individuals like Ron and Kathy who have given a couple of adult GSPs in our care a second look. Star was fortunate enough to be one of the dogs that got a second look and nod of approval when she was adopted back in January of 2011. Ron and Kathy recently wrote that they lost Star but shared some beautiful memories with us.

We bid farewell to a beloved GSP that touched the lives of so many. Below is a memorial letter we received from Ron and Kathy that we would like to share with you.

“Dear GSP Rescue,

We wanted you let you know that we lost our “Star”.  She was valiant up to the very end, and was the best girl ever.  She told us at the end she wasn’t happy and we had to do what was best for her.

We were so very hopeful that the wheelchair would give her the mobility that she so missed. She loved her walks and was always “on the hunt” for someone who had treats for her. You would have thought we never fed her at home!

We had so many wonderful ‘ventures with her over the past four years! She was allowed to ride on the Nevada Southern Railway antique train in Boulder City, Nevada where all the children petted and loved on her. She got to lay and hunt on our best friends deck in Flagstaff and watch the squirrels and Blue Jays. She hunted ducks and bunnies in Rancho Bernardo, and lizards in Las Vegas. She was was also loved by all at many car shows in San Diego and Las Vegas. She visited Bryce Canyon, Utah with us as well as “Bearizona” in Williams, Arizona as well as spending time on Coeur D’Alene Lake, Idaho and Lake Havasu in our friends boats which she loved!

Thank you all for your help and concern for the special dog that so many of you had met and loved. We miss her so much and all the things she delighted in… answering the door because whoever was ringing the bell was there to see her, or her “woo-wooing” when she was so happy she just couldn’t stand it”!

Your friends,

Ron & Kathy Thill

Our hearts go out to Ron and Kathy, for we know this was a tremendous loss, and we thank them for giving Star all we could ask for her… A loving forever home.

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