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Indy is Adopted!

Indy’s story began when he was found running loose in an industrial park, lost and scared. So scared that he attempted to flee from the animal control officer that was trying to help him, who eventually had to use a tranquilizer to sedate and catch Indy.

With no microchip or collar, Indy was held the mandatory holding time before being made available to the public for adoption. No one paid much attention to Indy, as there was most likely a concern of him being so fearful. When we inquired about Indy, the animal control officer expressed the same concern regarding his fearfulness and barking. We went to the shelter to evaluate Indy. As we approached his kennel, like so many times before, he retreated to the back and began barking. However, he displayed a few subtle hints that let us know we could work with him. We committed to taking him into rescue to further evaluate him, and work with him to overcome his fears and gain back trust in humans. This is where Indy’s life would begin to change for the better.

Sharon and Allister applied to adopt a young female, but were open to a male if it were the right fit for them and their 8 year old Vizsla Dylan, and 13 year old lab mix, Rio. They had experience dealing with different personalities including shy and timid behaviors, and had successfully helped those dogs overcome these behaviors and become amazing dogs. 

We decided to introduce them to Indy. With their knowledge and experience with a dog like Indy, we thought they could be a perfect fit for him. Sharon and Allister, Dylan and Rio came out to the rescue to meet Indy, and everything went very well. They knew this was going to take some work, but they were committed to help Indy overcome his challenges, and decided to add him to their family.

Indy is now known as Edison (Eddie), and he is doing marvelously well! We have received a few updates that we wanted to share with you!

“Just wanted to give you guys an update now that we’re just over a week in. 
First bit of news is that he has a new name – Edison aka Eddie. He seems to know his name already and is good about coming to call. Dylan was a little put out for a few days with a little growling but that’s lessening every day. He and Rio love each other and sleep curled up together at night. Eddie loves going on his walks twice a day and gets very excited. He’s been meeting a few people and has let about 75% of them pet him and sit with him so that’s great. He sleeps right through the night, on our bed of course!!! House training is going great and I think he’s got it down now… I think… lol! 
He has a huge fear of cars driving past him but we’re working on that gently with him.  We’re probably taking him to the beach at the weekend so we shall see how he likes that. No off leash time yet even though I think he would just stay with Dylan – he’s very interested in what he’s doing and wants to be by his side all the time.  Eddie is a very gentle sweet dog and he’s very loved already”.
We received some new photos and a video of Eddie enjoying the beach which we will be sharing on our Facebook page.  Sharon tells us “Eddie looooooves the beach”!
We couldn’t be more grateful to Sharon and Allister for opening up their hearts and home to Indy. When we thanked Sharon for their love and commitment to helping a “not-so-perfect” dog thrive in his environment. Her answer… “He looks pretty perfect to me”, and included this photo.  This truly is a story of unconditional love.









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