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Izzy and the Ball

Izzy Face1Izzy came to us with a few behavior symptoms that we believe are the result of an early puppy illness.  We placed Izzy in foster care, so that we could get to know her personality, and learn more about her condition, and how we can help her.

With a special-needs dog, every new accomplishment, every step forward, just warms our heart. Thanks to Izzy’s wonderful foster, we have now seen – for the very first time – Izzy play with the ball!  While this might be a common occurrence with most German Shorthaired Pointers, this is something that requires much focus, which can be a struggle for Izzy.

As time passes, and as she gets used to her surroundings, along with her fosters continuing to work with her, Izzy makes little strides into more normal behaviors. It takes a lot of love and attention, a little medication, and plenty of trial and error to uncover Izzy’s inner GSP and we are so grateful for our wonderful volunteers and fosters that make this happen!

We do not believe this behavior will get worse (she is recovered from the illness), but with training, exercise, good nutrition and possible medication, her condition may improve slightly or stay the same.  Because of this, she will need adopters (people and dogs), in the home that are gentle, and are interested in helping give her guidance and attention.

Learn more about Izzy. If you think you can help Izzy reach her full potential and have a heart to help a wonderful special needs GSP, please complete our adoption application here.

Check out the exciting video of Izzy discovering the ball!

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