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Izzy is Safe!

Tammy Wasco IMG_0332 w29Some of the dogs we rescue from shelters depend on if a transport can be put together in time. When the GSPs show up at the local city or county shelters, we can usually ask a volunteer that lives nearby to go to the shelter, however, the remote shelters are more of a challenge as was the case with Izzy.

When we first were notified about her by Shelter Volunteer Carol, we responded saying we were certain we could place her if transportation could be arranged. Fortunately, this was the same shelter we had recently worked with on pulling Diamond and Animal Control Officer Dolsie was more than happy to help. While ACO Dolsie made sure nothing happened to Izzy, fellow rescuer Lisa R was helping look for a transport. A short time later we received word from another fellow rescuer Linda that her husband Jerry was available to help transport. The next day Jerry was bringing Izzy to California GSP Rescue and one step closer to her forever home.

A big thanks to Carol for the nice email letting us know about Izzy; Dolsie for working with us while transportation was arranged, Linda for responding and volunteering her husband, and Jerry who transported Izzy from the shelter to the rescue.

Watch our website for more on Izzy as we get to know her.

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