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Jack and Jill are Safe!

Jack and Jill Wasco GSPs imageEveryone knows the nursery rhyme of Jack and Jill. The Jack and Jill that California GSP Rescue recently rescued was nearly as tragic.

A good Samaritan found Jack and Jill roaming in the Central Valley. Not being able to keep them, she contacted the local shelter and continued to look for the owners. She eventually found that the owners had moved out of state and had  apparently abandoned Jack and Jill. They weren’t interested in getting the dogs back.

In most cases, having dogs show up in a remote shelter where adoptions are low, dogs are at a greater risk of being put to sleep. Fortunately, Shelter Volunteer Michelle contacted California GSP Rescue to see if we could assist. While we are more than willing to help, transportation can often be a challenge especially when the shelter is several hours away. Emails were sent attempting to find someone that had the time to drive and pick up the dogs. A short time later, Transporter Linda confirmed her husband Jerry could assist in getting the dogs to the LA area where Volunteer David would meet him and take Jack and Jill the rest of the way to the Rescue and one step closer to their forever home.

California GSP Rescue would like to thank Shelter Volunteer Michelle who reached out to California GSP Rescue and for helping keep Jack and Jill safe until transportation could be arranged. A BIG thanks to Linda for volunteering her husband as well as her husband Jerry for making the necessary arrangements to get the Jack and Jill from the shelter. Last and certainly not least, we would like to thank our own volunteer David who remained flexible and available as transportation plans were being made. These are a few of the people that played a critical role in helping Jack and Jill get one step closer to their forever home. A big thanks to each one!

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