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Jackson Is Safe!

Jackson GSP SafeJackson had been at the shelter for nearly two months before California GSP Rescue received an email from a shelter volunteer named Lana letting the rescue know about him. The Rescue is notified regularly about German Shorthaired Pointers in shelters needing to be rescued and were surprised they hadn’t received any notification regarding this particular GSP. Lana’s original email included the shelter and identification number, two very important pieces of information, but when the shelter’s website was checked – Jackson wasn’t listed.

There was immediate concern as two months is a long time for a dog to be at the shelter. While he could have been adopted, he could also be euthanized for any number of reasons. The shelter was immediately contacted and confirmed that Jackson was there and was presently available for adoption. He had been confiscated in an animal abuse/neglect case and was held for evidence for half his time at the shelter. When confiscated nearly two months earlier, Jackson was nothing but skin and bones at twenty pounds lighter than his current weight of fifty pounds. The shelter had done an amazing job of putting weight on him, but that wasn’t enough to find him an adopter.

Jackson sat for nearly four weeks in his kennel at the shelter available for adoption. While he had put on weight and looked better than when he had arrived, his coat was bleached and in poor condition from what could only be from not being fed well and being left outside. No one seemed to be interested in an adult purebred GSP that needed a little TLC. Jackson sat in his kennel as visitors passed him by.

Fortunately, for Jackson, California GSP Rescue was notified and they immediately started making arrangements to rescue him from the shelter. Within forty eight hours of being notified of Jackson, thanks to the many dedicated volunteers, Jackson was safe as California GSP Rescue made sure Jackson was out of the shelter and in their possession. After being notified, Volunteer David made it to the shelter to pull Jackson and made arrangements to meet Volunteers Georgia and Greg, on their date night, so Jackson could be transported the rest of the way to the Rescue.

While Jackson’s story is unique, fortunately there aren’t many GSPs held as evidence in animal abuse cases, but the continued concern is of GSPs at shelters. Many visitors to the shelters that are looking for purebred dogs, may have little or no idea what they are in for if they adopt a GSP as there is very little, if any, breed education. Most shelters struggle with a lack of space, which is also a concern for any dog, not just GSPs, held at the shelter for too long. Any dog held longer than the mandatory holding period is a candidate for euthanasia. California GSP Rescue prioritizes GSPs at shelters making sure that if they are strays and are not claimed by their owners, they are rescued. They are able to do this because of the dedicated volunteers and supporters aka Rescue Heroes. If you are interested in learning how to become a Rescue Hero and be a part of Team California GSP Rescue, click here.


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