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Jager Is Adopted!

Mike and Ana applied last year to add a “playful senior” to their family, and to be a companion for their Basset Hound, Winston, after they lost their GSP, Woodrow.

We had a few challenges, but Mike and Ana were willing to wait as long as it took to find the right fit for their family. We needed to find them a dog that would get along with Winston, was good around very young children, and their cat.

In the meantime, Mike and Ana and their family came out and participated in our Rescue Reunion, and supported all of our efforts while patiently waiting for the right dog. Well, then Jager came along.

We were notified of several senior GSP’s in shelters.  One such senior was Jager. Jager was one lucky boy.  A Good Samaritan found him roaming the streets and picked him up. She took him to the shelter, but also made sure to notify us that he was there so that we could monitor him. He had obviously come from a family; there were remnants of polish on his toenails. Unfortunately, his family never claimed him. We acted quickly when his holding period was up. A senior in a shelter is very unlikely to be adopted – and very likely to be euthanized for space for younger, more adoptable dogs.

In getting to know Jager, we realized what a sweet gentle guy he was. Great with other dogs, people of all ages and yes, he passed the cat test with flying colors. Little did Jager know, we had the perfect family waiting in the wings for him. We contacted Mike and Ana, and made the appointment for the family and Winston of course, to come out and meet Jager. There was no doubt in our minds that this was a perfect fit.

We recently received an update on Jager, now known as Jefferson, that we are thrilled to share with you.

“Jager, now named Jefferson, after the 3rd President of the USA, is doing very well. He has really adjusted quite well to his new family/home. Winston showed him where to go potty, location of all the dog beds and the general layout of the house. It probably took him around an hour to pick a bed after sampling them all and slept like a baby.

He is not crate trained, and has some separation anxiety, and we’ll work on that. He slept in the guest room with me and I didn’t get much sleep as he snored the whole night! He’s very treat and food driven, loves apples and bananas. Jefferson loves hanging out in the kitchen. I often find myself stepping over him because he loves to rest on the kitchen floor.  He is incredibly affectionate to us all. I’m in disbelief on how well he’s doing given that we’ve only had him less than 24 hours. He won’t leave my side.

Jefferson is getting very comfortable showing his silly side. He spends most of his days sunning on his many beds, snacking on raw bones and getting lots of affection from us all. He is an 80 lb snuggle bug. We started him with his new trainer, and he is smiling more and more these days”.

Mike and Ana, we too are smiling more these days because of people like you that give a loving home to a senior dog. We couldn’t be happier for you and your family!

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