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Jager Is Safe!

img_5026If you’ve been following the CA GSP Rescue lately, we’re sure you’ve noticed we’ve had our share of young dogs with broken legs. At about the same time as these youngsters came in, we were also being notified of several senior GSP’s in shelters.  One such senior was Jager.

Jager was one lucky boy.  A Good Samaritan found him roaming the streets and picked him up. She took him to the shelter, but also made sure to notify us that he was there so that we could monitor him. He had obviously come from a family; there were remnants of polish on his toenails. Unfortunately, his family never claimed him. We acted quickly when his holding period was up. A senior in a shelter is very unlikely to be adopted – and very likely to be euthanized for space for younger, more adoptable dogs.

Again, Jager was quite lucky. Volunteer Lisa was able to leave work early and get him at the shelter the day he became available. He was quite happy to leave and ride in her car and “talked” to her while they rode to the rescue kennel, where he is ever closer to his forever home. Closer to a family that will value him.

At CA GSP Rescue, we don’t turn down a dog because it is “too old”. We know we will get applications from people who, having had GSP’s in the past, know about the wonderful senior years.  And we know Jager will  be lucky and find his home soon!

Thanks to Rhonda, who notified us of Jager, to the shelter staff for keeping lines of communication open with our coordinator, and to Lisa for transporting Jager to the rescue. We will be bringing you more about Jager soon as we get to know him.

If you have room in your home for one of our sweet seniors, please apply. Or you can help Jager and the many other dogs that will come in the future with a one-time donation – or join our new “Rescue Heroes” by giving a monthly donation to help us plan and provide for dogs well into the future!

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