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Jake is Adopted!

German Shorthaired Pointer DogJake is Adopted! Having grown up in a family that had rescued their past two dogs, Ryan looked to rescue for his own dog. As a runner, the GSP seemed like the perfect dog for him, and Jake, a sweet and fairly mellow GSP, was a great “starter” GSP!

Although Jake was a bit preoccupied with the field and surroundings at the adoption appointment, Ryan could see how affectionate and connected Jake was to the volunteers he sees regularly, and took a chance that Jake would bond with him as well. We appreciate Ryan understanding the sometimes distracted nature of a GSP and taking Jake home.

Jake is, of course, loving his new family and home and getting more comfortable every day!

Jake is adopted, but we have many wonderful dogs waiting for their forever homes. If you are interested in learning more about them, please apply here.

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