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Jake Jr, Finding Some Answers, Looking for More

Thanks to “Jake’s Angels” who have stepped up to sponsor him, we have been able to afford some more tests to diagnose Jake Jr.  Through some blood tests and antibody tests, it seems quite apparent that Jake Jr. had distemper as a very young puppy. It is quite unusual for a youngster to survive distemper, but we have discovered that Jake Jr. is a survivor! There are a few complications that may reoccur because of the distemper, but they should be easily managed with antibiotics. His slightly uneven gait may even improve over time.

The same tests that showed strong evidence of distemper, also ruled out a more serious muscular dystrophy type disease – whew!

While the sleepwalking might be somewhat related to the distemper, it seems unlikely. He is currently on a medication that may calm the sleepwalking, however it could take up to 3 months to build up in his system and start really showing results. We opted for this medication over other faster-acting ones, however, because it is extremely safe to take over the long term. In the meantime, we tuck him in each night in a padded kennel to keep him safe.  He seems to love to curl up in there. He just may be having some nights with more sleep, too,  as he sometimes wakes up like a normal GSP puppy; happy and ready to play, and play, and play.

More tests and more specialists will be in Jake Jr.’s near future, in hopes of finding a reason for his sleepwalking. We hope to find this last piece of the puzzle soon and you can help. If you are able, you can help sponsor Jake Jr. It is also extremely helpful to keep sharing his story on Facebook. Perhaps we will find someone who is familiar with this behavior, or even someone willing and able to deal with it in exchange for the love and devotion of this little GSP puppy!

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