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Jake Jr. Needs a Special Home

Jake Jr. is a special puppy. He is special for all the reasons puppies are special; He is funny, playful, learns quickly, and is full of love. He is also special for other reasons. He has sleep-walking episodes which range in intensity and volume. He also has some behavioral issues related to falling asleep or waking up. Thanks to his sponsors, we have been able to pay for visits to a neurologist and a veterinary behaviorist for advice on how to help Jake Jr. lead a fairly normal life. In his foster home, he is being trained to seek out his kennel before falling asleep, which has been enormously beneficial to both Jake and his foster family. He is also taking medication, which is helping to control his sleep walking. With the help of the training and medication, having Jake around is pretty easy, and pretty fun.

So, what kind of family is the right one for Jake Jr.? First, they need to be committed to continuing his training. Second, it would be helpful to have a room to put his kennel in at night where his occasional sleep walking and “talking” – won’t bother them. Third, his new family will need to be able to buy about $10-$20 of medications each month. Fourth, Jake loves other dogs and does well with older children, so any combination would make him happy. Last, and most importantly, Jake Jr.’s family needs to realize he might just be okay for many years to come. His situation is not deteriorating, but is actually getting better right now. Since we’ve been unable to find a definitive reason for his issues, we can’t say what will happen in the future, but we can say giving him a loving home will give you a lot of satisfaction, a lot of puppy-love, and a lot of fun!

If you might be able to provide a home for this special puppy, please complete an application on our website. If you can’t provide a home, but want to help Jake Jr., please share his information on Facebook and, if you are able, we are looking for sponsors to help pay for some of his medical care. Please click on the “donate” button to make a one-time gift to help Jake Jr.


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