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Jasper… A new Angel

IMG_0978Jasper started out with the rescue as Hunter.  Before he came to us he had been contained in chicken coops by his owner for approximately four years.  He then was held in a shelter for another year while his owner faced animal cruelty charges.  Despite all of that Jasper came to us with the most lovely gentle soul.  He touched each of the volunteers that knew him.

As humans we held on to his past while he moved forward facing each new day with enjoyment.  He sniffed and played in the field.  He checked out the other GSP’s in the field, and despite what he had been through, happily allowed the volunteers to pet him.

He was a mess physically…he had yeast spots on his body that were from years of neglect.  One look at him and most would have said “how will we find a home for this boy?”  But that’s not what happened.

Along came Neeraja and her GSP Judah.  I believe Neeraja’s words were “I’ll take him!”.  Neeraja came out to meet Hunter and Hunter only.  She wanted Hunter.  She did not take him home that day.  She went home and started to research what it would take to get him back in good health.  Her mission was clear and she came back a week later to take Hunter, now Jasper home and to get him in shape.  She took that week and weeks after his adoption to research treating all of his physical ailments.  She made his food and ended up changing Judah over to her homemade recipe as she felt it was a better diet for all.  She worked tirelessly at getting him exercise and acclimating him to home life.  It was his first time in a home and surrounded with the kind of love she provided for him.  She had him sleep on her bed and took him often to work.  Her friends loved him and would stop by to say hi to him.  He touched all that knew him.  As Neeraja said in her email to us “it takes a village”.

Jasper passed quietly recently from congestive heart failure.  It came on quickly and Neeraja did what she could to comfort him.  In true Neeraja style she was with Jasper to the very end.  She was there for him from the very first moment she met him to his last breath.  That is all we can ask for as a rescue…an adopter that is there for their dog throughout.  Jasper was finally loved and cherished and home.

Here is a glimpse into the life Jasper had with Neeraja and Judah…

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