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Jasper is Safe!

Jasper_A1450295w29A few weeks ago we received notification about a GSP at a local shelter that was an owner turn in. It was late in the day, too late to ask a volunteer to go by and check him out. The next day we were notified he was adopted. Some might say “that’s great” while others that know GSPs are always concerned about the family that adopted him.

While most people will recognize a purebred GSP, not everyone knows the amount of exercise that a GSP needs and that a tired GSP is a good GSP. Unfortunately, when individuals that don’t know about the breed get a GSP, they quickly learn or they throw in the towel sometimes taking their newly acquired GSP to the shelter. This is what happened to Jasper, the GSP that was relinquished to the shelter.

A little less than a week after he was adopted, he was returned back to the shelter. Fortunately, this time there was enough time for Volunteer Lance to get to the shelter, pull, and transport Jasper a little closer to his forever home.

A big thanks to Volunteer Lance for helping with Jasper. In addition, thanks to rescue advocate Karen for notifying us about a GSP being surrendered to a kill shelter.

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