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Jewel ~ In Memoriam

JewelGrandCanyonSometimes the dogs that take up the biggest spot in your heart aren’t the ones that were easy. Often, they are the ones that challenge us and even frustrate us at times. Jewel was one of these dogs. Although Marsha wasn’t always sure she was up to the challenge that was Jewel, she kept trying, and the two of them eventually found that happy place where Marsha figured her out, and Jewel decided to accept Marsha as her leader, guardian, and friend. We were very sad to hear that Marsha and Jewel’s relationship had been cut short. She was not only headstrong and stubborn, but also active and full of endless energy. Unfortunately, Jewel passed of cancer a few weeks ago. We are sad about her passing, but so grateful she had the love and understanding she deserved.

Marsha adopted Jewel in February of 2014. We knew Jewel was affectionate, okay with cats, and an active girl. There were many reasons she seemed like a good match for Marsha. Jewel gave Marsha her first challenge on the long ride home from the rescue. She howled and barked the entire way – for hours. It is amazing that Marsha didn’t just turn back around, as she really enjoys traveling and was looking forward to taking Jewel with her. The Rescue gave Marsha some training ideas for working with the car issue and Marsha enrolled Jewel in an obedience class.

Over the next several weeks, Jewel threw one curve-ball after another at Marsha. We supported her the best we could but, in the end, it was Marsha’s perseverance and love for Jewel that made things work. Marsha tells us, “Jewel was a handful when I adopted her in February 2014.  Very dominant and headstrong.  I wasn’t really sure that I was the right person to give Jewel the life she deserved.  Jewel and I took an obedience class together.  We walked 3 plus miles on a daily basis.  Then one day she found my pool.  She would swim every evening for a couple of hours.  It was great fun watching her swim tirelessly.  She never went into the pool during the day when I wasn’t home.  This was a nice turning point for Jewel.  She started to great me at the door when I would come home from work.  There were still issues with riding in the car but we found a way to make it work.  I took Jewel with me any time I could.  She has been to Home Depot, Discount Tire and of course Petco.  Jewel went to almost all family  functions.  She had a knack for finding the other dogs chewies. My favorite was taking Jewel to the Grand Canyon at Christmas time.  She didn’t mind the cold 16 degree weather or the snow.  It was great seeing her so happy.”

Upon Jewel’s diagnosis, Marsha again gave Jewel every chance and supported her in every way she could. Jewel responded very well to chemotherapy and had many more happy months until the cancer again took over. Marsha wrote to us to tell us of Jewel’s passing and told us, “I miss Jewel every day.  I am grateful that I was able to adopt her.  I was happy to provide her with the much needed nurturing, pampering and love that she deserved.”

Marsha, WE are grateful for you, too. For all that you did for Jewel and for taking the time and effort to get to know such a wonderful dog!

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