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Kahlua Is Adopted!

Kahlua Bryce Jamie Drake Colton DSC_0608w64Kahlua is Adopted! Jaime and Bryce applied with us to add to their family after losing their beloved GSP, Raven. They were in love with the breed, and while they knew that they would never be able to replace Raven, they were hoping to fill the hole that was missing in their hearts, home and in their family.

Kahlua came to us from a shelter with a fractured leg. Five days prior, the shelter had been notified about a dog running loose in a remote area. The shelter sent an officer, and they found Kahlua limping, favoring her right front leg, and several open wounds. From her injuries, it appeared she had been struck by a car. Since her injuries didn’t appear to be life threatening and she didn’t have tags or a microchip, she was held to see if anyone would claim her. After the five day holding period, due to her injuries, she was made available to rescues. Fortunately for Kahlua, California GSP Rescue, was notified about her.

We took Kahlua to our vet, and after an x-ray and examination, he found she had a non-displaced fracture leg. His first thought was to splint the leg, but felt a cast might work better. She wasn’t fond of the cast as she wasn’t able to run and play with the other dogs, however, it helped keep her immobile so her leg could heal. We were fortunate to have a family willing to foster Kahlua while she was on the mend, until we could find her forever family.

We most always have a waiting list for a young dog like Kahlua, and Jaime and Bryce were on that list willing to wait however long it took. They had their eye on Kahlua, and with the help of Kahlua’s foster family, we were able to send them updates and photos of her progress, and when she became available for adoption, they couldn’t wait to meet her.

Jaime, Bryce and their two boys, Drake and Colton came out to the rescue, and there was no doubt in their minds, that she was going to be theirs.

We have received some updates from Jaime and Bryce, and all is going very well with their new little girl, and they couldn’t be happier with their new family member!

“We are doing well! We are so happy having her! She seems very happy- she likes the backyard.  She constantly running around the backyard looking for lizards. She has shown us her “point” a few times. She loves playing fetch, and playing with stuffed animals. Bryce has been working with her learning her commands- sit, stay, come etc.  She has learned a lot quickly. She enjoys going in the pool on theses hot days, and she is learning to swim!  She has totally become part of the family. She sleeps with us and hangs out with us all day long- she never leaves our side- especially Bryce’s. She loves giving us lots of kisses, lol! She met her grandparents and they became fast friends! She is a great fit for our family”! 

We are very grateful to Jaime and Bryce for choosing to pay it forward for Raven, by adopting another GSP in need.

Check out our Facebook Page throughout the day for updates and photos of “Lua” as they call her, in her new home!

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