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Kaiser Is Adopted!

Kaiser is AdoptedWhen Kaiser arrived at California GSP Rescue, we were committed to seeing he was well cared for while he was with us. We had no idea he would need emergency surgery. For us, there were no other options but to have Dr Kang perform the surgery, and as it turned out, the visit to Dr Kang saved his life. Even though, given his age and medical condition, we weren’t overly optimistic we’d be able to find him a home. However, Omar, a previous adopter, was one of the individuals that heard of Kaiser’s story and was touched. Omar had lost both of his senior adopted German Shorthaired Pointers to old age earlier this year. While his house was nothing he would call empty, there was something missing. 

Omar was not concerned of Kaiser’s age. He was not deterred by his recent medical issues – he has dealt with his share of medical issues in the past as his own dogs have aged. Omar shared a personal belief that helped us deal with some of the emotions we were experiencing from someone giving up their 14 year old GSP. He felt that some individuals have an issue dealing with death and will make every effort to avoid the inevitable.  Omar, on the other hand, felt it an honor to provide for a GSP in their final years, seeing they were paid back the love that they had so freely invested in their previous owners.

Needless to say, Omar was very interested in Kaiser and was patient as we saw to Kaiser’s recovery. We had Kaiser in a foster home while he recovered from the surgery and he would regularly ask for updates. After Kaiser’s stitches were removed, two weeks after his surgery, arrangements were made with Omar. While Omar had previously met Kaiser, there was a certain magic in the air the morning of the adoption. It was as if Kaiser had been waiting for Omar – as if he knew he had finally found his forever home. Omar adopted Kaiser, and we couldn’t be happier for both of them.

German Shorthaired Pointers are remarkable in the ability to share their seemingly endless love and affection with their humans regardless of whatever circumstances prevail. We salute Omar to opening his home and adopting senior GSPs. To properly caring for their gentle souls and seeing their final years are filled with the love they so much deserve. These amazing beings deserve at least a portion of the love they have provided in their lives. We are forever grateful to Omar, as well as others who open their homes to seniors, for adopting those GSPs in their golden years. 

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